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We live in the modern world of information and every day is a new challenge. How often do you have a “lack of time for yourself” which leads to a violation of the “life circle” or “work-life” balance?

Ironically, technology and gadgets that are designed to make our life easier sometimes lead to a deterioration in its quality.

We want to remind you that technology should serve and help a person to be in harmony with himself and the world around him. As the Eastern sages say, “our energy is where our attention is.” If we lose focus, we lose our most valuable resources: time and energy, so necessary for us to build relationships and families, careers, make money, maintain health, develop the spiritual sphere, etc.

In order to change the focus of attention, we need to change our way of thinking, and the best way to achieve this is GAMES. Yes exactly! When a child comes to this world, it perceives everything in the format of a game, it learns this world and acquires the necessary skills.

Why ipofunnel?

Because we are following proven principles and practiceses to bring solar and safe experience for our partners all across the ecosystem. Sincerely, carry on about the mental and physical health.

Our Story

As a software company, we specialize in blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. These technologies allow us to create very effective and transparent systems for solving the problems of small and medium-sized businesses, creating a favorable atmosphere for teams, automating processes and reducing tedious routine tasks for employees, but in addition, it can also helps to create games for learning and changing people’s way of thinking. One way or another, our life can also be imagined as a game with constant quests and challenges. The purpose of concepts and  games we are creating is to “educate” people to be friendly and helpful as the main form of interaction between them.  Love for yourself, others, for animals and for the planet is the key to everything!

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Our Mission
To convey to people that our species is already in a state of transition from rivalry and struggle to mutual respect and helping each other. Gradually switching to new types of interaction, changing our thinking and filling it with love, we will change the world TOGETHER.  

Our team has learned to meet these challenges with courage and “fire in the eyes”. Now ipofunnel is here to lead partners on the path from scratch to the IPO stage with common sense. 

Nazar D.

Nazar D.

Solution Architect

We create a sustainable game model for people interaction in life and at work. I believe what you are focusing on that will increase

Vladimir S.

Vladimir S.

Backend developer

web3 focused full stack engineer. Leading and developing, NFT, L2, crypto trade projects.
thrilled to build the future of blockchain, AR/VR. I believe we can collectively organize sustainable existence utilizing resources from the space

Maksym Sh.

Maksym Sh.


Responsible for business operations and automatization. I believe clear processes will make the business ecosystem much more ofitient and briliant 💎

Taras D.

Taras D.

Motion designer

Producing explainers with Adobe After Effects, drawing NFT’s, communicating and supporting our partners. I believe we can make this world more colorful

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